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Case study on maruti suzuki ltd

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Of the major Japanese players, this leaves only Suzuki to offer up a contender and the latest is obviously the famed GSX-R, first launched in Like a sleeper secret agent the Bandit has been doing its part to corrupt a generation of bikers into its wicked ways since it was launched in The liquid-cooled RM of reigns supreme as the best of the year.

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The New York Times. But all that complexity resulted in a hefty curb weight of pounds.

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Retrieved 23 October Suzuki unveil gemma concept scooter".

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Love blossomed from the press kit stage itself, and while a few detractors dug in their heels and obstinately referred to the thing variously as an ugly pig and a gigantic, shapeless buffalo, the rest of the world was not tuned in to that frequency. Do people gawk at it because it is pleasing to the eye, or is it simply too bizarre for anyone to not look at it? Suzuki was title sponsor for the first time in

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The New York Times. Retrieved 25 October